Reader Reviews

By bookstores:

“A beautiful, haunting and moving novel that your head and heart will remember for many years!” Corinne Steinert, Osiander

“A strong book about strong women whose life stories couldn’t be more different. Impressive!” Anke Hackler, Thalia-Buchhandlung Lippstadt

“This fascinating, extremely well written and entertaining novel captivates the reader with its strong protagonists and great narrative style. The jumps in time are well placed through the story so that the tension stays strong till the end.” Bookstore Hamm/Sieg

Reader reviews from Lovelybooks and Amazon:

“Splendid depiction of one of World War II’s destinies. I am deeply moved and touched. I read the book in one sitting. We should never forget the victims of this time. Not a single one of them!”

“This story brought people into my life who I won’t be able to forget anytime soon. Thank you, Melanie, for some magnificent hours of reading time!”

“The story captivated me from beginning to end. Touching and beautifully written!”

“An amazing blend of past and present. Emotionally vivid. Highly recommended!”

“A fabulous book based on the Levensohn’s family history. Emotionally and beautifully written.”

“As a reader, you suffer with the characters, hope that Judith and her love Christian can be rescued, hope that Bea finds luck in love, and that Jacobina will still enjoy many happy moments in her life. “The Life Between Us” does not embellish anything, affects the reader deeply, and yet fuels hope that love can triumph in the end.”

“Time travel at its best. It made me shudder, fear, and hope.”

“This unique, beautiful, yet somewhat cruel story moved me immensely!”

“The style allows the atmosphere to shine through. Emotional and intense!”

“What an exhausting and sensitive novel! Absolutely recommend it!”

“A reading highlight for 2018. Highly recommended!”